Best 6 Aquaguard UV Water Purifier In 2021: Ultimate Guide to know about the best Aquaguard of all time!

Top 6 Aquaguard UV Water Purifiers which will last for so long, Check the best Discount water purifiers under the best deals here for you.

If you are looking for a source to know about the top and best Aquaguard UV water purifiers, then this blog is certainly for you. In today’s time, the use of Aquaguard UV Water Purifier has become an absolute necessity. People have started becoming health-conscious, that’s where many companies take a stand-in for them.

Water has numerous amount of toxins in it that are a result of the mixing of the pesticides in the groundwater. Most importantly, the toxins that are present in the water cause significant damage to our temperament. Thus, it becomes our mere obligation that we refine the drinking water before drinking and its consumption.

According to us, investing in a decent and budget-friendly Aquaguard UV Water Purifier can keep our family safe and financially predictable as well. You should consider all the facts and validities before choosing any of the water purifiers that are present in the market. This blog curates a list of all the latest and best Aquaguard UV Water Purifier by Aquaguard that are ready, assessing the quality and the expenses.

Best Aquaguard UV Water Purifiers:

On the verge of this blog post, you will be obvious with the validities as to what type of water purifier needs to be selected. So, select from this catalog of the reasonable Aquaguard UV Water Purifier following your needs. This chronicle contains all the products from budget-friendly ones to the ones that are costly but good in quality. Decide for yourself, as to what kind you actually want.

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Let’s dive straight into the list of the top and the best Aquaguards of all time:

1) Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight 7-litres RO + UV + MTDS:

Considering the Aquasure category, it is one of the promising Aquaguard UV Water Purifiers in India. In fact, Aquaguard includes RO + UV + MTDS technology that is mostly asked for by the clients in India. Interestingly, the filter in the product initially eliminates the bacteria and infections that exist in the water. Certainly, you are protected and immune from all the types of bacteria and viruses in the water.

Above all, the UV technology present in the product removes down all the afflictions as soon as they cross down the RO filter. So, you guys don’t have to worry at all about the removal of contaminants from the water. We can assure you guys that it is 100% safe and pure drinking water that filters down all the viruses, be it from any type of area like taps, tankers, bore wells, and municipal supplies. So, it is suitable for every kind of water, be it hard or soft.

Additionally, this Aquaguard UV Water Purifier comes with MTDS technology and Smart LED indicators. Talking about the MTDS technology, the purifier restores all the minerals that were inherently present in the water. It also has varied color indicators which alert you if the tank is full, low, or there is no water supply in the machine. Moreover, it notifies you on those times too when there is any kind of error in the machine.


Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard:


1) This product and company are acceptable for all kinds of input water.

2) Along with the 7-liter storage capacity, the product comes with an added benefit of the Energy-saving function.

3) Aquasure removes all sorts of viruses and bacteria with the restoration of the natural minerals in the water.


1) The only shortcoming added to this product is the fact that it wastes lots of water while using this.

2) Another con of this product is that it has no cartridge life indicator which might indicate the exact life-span of the indicator.

3) Also, there is a little ambiguity about the water level indication.

2) Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus Aquaguard UV Water Purifier:

It is an instant Aquaguard UV water purifier that is relatively identical to Aquaflo DX. However, the company charges you an additional amount of 3000 for this piece. What is the exact reason behind this? Why is it deemed as more costly than Aquaflo, even if it has comparable features? Does it contain any extra features as correlated with Aquaflo?

  • Aquaguard crystal appears with a mineral guard technology that is somewhere absent in the Aquaflo. This characteristic doesn’t allow the minerals to get deposited on the lowermost chamber of the product.
  • The Backlash feature in this product doesn’t allow the water to stagnate and thus suppresses the filter sterile.
  • In fact, the above two features of this product enhance the life-span of the Aquaguard water purifier that benefits you and your pockets as well.

Talking about the feature set of Aquaguard Crystal, the product has an improved UV, Carbon Filter purification, and Sediment. It holds a total capacity of providing about 2 liters of water in a time span of 2 minutes. The most alluring fact is that the company provides the customers with free installation for this product itself with an additional part of about a 1-year warranty. Well, who won’t love free installation and an extended warranty.

aquaguard water purifier price list

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and Cons summary of Aquaguard crystal:



1) If we talk about the filtering capacity of this product, the latter holds and focuses on removing the bacteria, Cysts, Bacteria, and chlorine that is present in the water.

2) In addition to its removing properties, the product concentrates on keeping the natural minerals and salts in the resultant water.

3) Moreover, the backlash feature of this product clears down the stagnated water and thereby keeps the filter clean.


1) The only shortcoming of this product is that it has no water storage tank which takes on a long time to fill up the containers.

2) The Glass holder included in this product is not capable of holding a big mug of water.

3) The most considerable shortcoming is that this product is not useful in those areas that have a connection to salty water.

3) Eureka Forbes Aquasure Aquaguard Aayush 22-litre Aquagurad UV Water Purifier:

The most interesting part about this filter is that it has a total of three filters namely Particulate and Sediment Filter, Active Disinfectant, and Carbon Block. These filters add to the purification level of the product where the user gets rid of all the bacteria, cysts, and infections present in the water. Thus, you would get ultimate purified water free from germs and bacteria.

Interestingly, the Kitanu Magnet that exists in this product involves more than 100 Crore nanofibers that are thoroughly charged. It persuades the negative bacteria from the water making it safe for drinking. However, the product is only suitable for water that has a TDS under 500 mg/liter. This is the reason why the government has banned these kinds of purifiers in places that have a TDS level above 500 mg/liter. So, think before and know about the TDS level of your area, before installation.

Furthermore, the aquaguard also has a smart energy-saving feature that comes up with the function where it gets automatically switched off once the tank is full. Its smart performance is usually helpful and beneficial in the times of voltage fluctuations where it protects the device in case the voltage fluctuates and goes on between 150V-270V. That’s a very nice advantage over other products available in the market.

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Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this Aquaguard Aayush:


1) The three filter system in the product filters out all the bacteria that is present in the water making it totally pure for drinking.

2) With the fact that it is non-electric, make it much better than any other purifier.

3) The company has provided a warranty time period of about 12 months where you can have an exchange if there are defects in design, workmanship, and materials.


1) This type of Aquaguard UV Water Purifier is banned and cannot be used in the areas where the TDS level in the water is above 500 mg/liter.

2) You may have to face a few delays in the delivery time of the product.

3) You have to pay special mention on the TDS of your water, otherwise, this might go waste if you have bought one already.

4) Aquaguard Enhance UV+UF (White and Black):

This product of Aquaguard provides the clients with the safest drinking water with the removal of all the organic impurities which further enhances the taste of water. Moreover, this Aquaguard UV Water Purifier also removes all the smells and makes the water odorless and better-quality drinking water. Thus, makes it better for health and drinking.

Talking about the features, the filter has a water flow rate of about 1 liter per minute and holds a storing extent of about 7 Liters. In addition to these, there are miscellaneous filtration modules. Mineral guard, Miracle Cartridge, UV Lamp, 5000 Burning Hours, Taste Enhancer, and Chemical Block.

This Aquaguard is encompassed with a multi reverse osmosis process which removes and eliminates all the contaminants and chemicals that are present in the water. The facility of the filter is wall-mounted and tabletop that consumes a total power consumption of about 40 Watts. One of the most promising features of this filter is the RO+UV technology that provides pure and safe water.

eureka forbes aquaguard crystal plus uv water purifier

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons of Aquaguard Enhance:


1) Talking about the water storage capacity, it holds a holding capacity of about 7 liters.

2) It also has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer which delivers an excellent combination of RO+UV pure drinking water.

3) Aquaguard Enhance is completely suitable for all water types, be it salty, blackish, and Khara water.



1) With its high price, the maintenance cost after buying the product is much more than the other products in the market.

2) Due to its low storage capacity, you might sometimes have to face the problem of water leakage in the Aquaguard UV water purifier.

3) Moreover, if the filter gets damaged, then the filter stand-in is very costly in nature.

5) Aquaguard Reviva NXT UV 8.5-liter Aquaguard UV water purifier:

This Aquaguard UV Water Purifier is one of the latest series of Aquaguard water purifiers which is entirely equipped with modern purification technology. In fact, this product is designed to elegantly incorporate any sort of modern kitchen decor of your liking. The product is offered in a whole of three variants encompassing Reviva NXT RO, Reviva RO+UV+MTDS, and Reviva NXT UV.

In fact, it is prepared with high-quality grade plastics that are contemplated non-toxic and free from bacteria. Further, even if the virus gets attached to it, it doesn’t stay on it for a long period of time. Also, Reviva doesn’t have any kind of inbuilt stabilizer that is generally common with the vying brands nowadays.

The filter works with the extensive features of the iFilter, Mineral Guard, UV Chamber, Reverse Osmosis Cartridge, Taste Enhancer Cartridge, and Chemi Block. Talking about the Chemi Block feature in this Aquaguard, the element reduces chlorine, bad taste, bad odor, organic impurities, and chemicals from the water. Mineral Guard is one of the most asked characteristics that is a microcontroller-based electronic instinct that prevents scaling on the quartz tube.


Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of the Reviva:


1) The Aquaguard Reviva NXT UV has great filters and brilliant designs which is suitable for all types of water.

2) This product has a delicate build-up that contains reasonable quality plastics which are non-toxic plastics and BPA free.

3) It is an environment-friendly product with the fact that it doesn’t have low-quality plastics that can’t be disposed of.


1) Aquaguard Reviva NXT lacks an LED/LCD info screen that doesn’t show the levels of water that are present in most of the products in today’s time.

2) It is a little bit pricey and it is very much costly as correlated to the other products with the same specifications in the market.

3) The after-sale services for this product are very poor and one doesn’t get what is actually expected from the product in the starting.

6) Aquaguard Genius 7 Liter RO+UV+UF:

This product is one of the most prominent Aquaguard UV Water Purifier in the Indian market that accomplishes with RO, UV, and UF Aquaguard water purification technology. Also, it has a TDS Controller that purifies and makes the water safe whether it is hard or soft. If we talk about the looks, the product has an elegant one that also has a glass holding lever on it that makes it easy for the user.

The LED indicator panel in the product doesn’t require any kind of electricity for its working and dispensing. So, without any problem with electricity, you can effortlessly dispense water from the Aquaguard UV Water Purifier for drinking. You don’t have to worry about it, even if there is no electricity in your house.


Considering the purification process of this purifier, it comes with RO, UF, and UV Aquaguard water purification technology which clenches on an advanced sensor that is suitable for all types of water. Thus, the natural elements and minerals remain in the water itself, which makes it healthy for drinking. Further, GIF lush Technology also works for boosting the life span of the Aquaguard UV Water Purifier.

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Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Aquaguard Genius:


1) One of the most alluring features of this product is the LED indicator panel that helps in dispensing water even without electricity.

2) The glass holding tray makes it easy to fill down bottles adding to the convenience.

3) UF membrane helps in removing down all the impurities from the water and making it crystal clear.


1) The maintenance after the installation of this product is very expensive and costly.

2) With the purification of water, sometimes some of the essential minerals also gets removed during the purification process.

3) You might have to face several after-sale service issues that don’t quite impress the clients of the products.


In the outcome, these are some of the most top and best Aquaguard UV Water Purifiers in India. We have asserted all the pros and cons of these products. Now, it’s totally up to you which you want to choose. If you are still doubtful, then you can contact the official office of the Aquaguard. They can obviously clear out your doubts and suspicions. We have listed all theĀ Aquaguard UV Water Purifiers in India for you which will help you to choose things.

Most importantly, always consider the reviews of other legitimate clients like you. This will give you more clarity regarding the features and the functioning of the products. The reviews are easily available in the area when you completely scroll down the window on the Amazon app. In fact, you will get an average rating and reviews from the customers who have already bought them.


Most of all, the biggest and decent step is to choose the purifier according to the TDC level in the water. Sometimes, the purifier gets wasted. It happens, if the person doesn’t take a look at the TDS level of the water in his/her area. The TDS level differs as we go to different areas, so it becomes our obligation to know about this important fact.

You can visit the Reviews kitchen website for more informative blog posts like this. In fact, we keep posting reviews like this daily. Happy buying!

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